The Internet is the world’s largest database. We offer the technology and knowhow to help you find the information you need amongst trillions of available documents with our OSINT Technology. We collect and analyse information from online sources. We can help you collect better data for improved analysis, intelligence and insights.

OSINT stands for Open Source Intelligence, and this means collecting information from openly available sources online. This includes data mining, various crawling techniques, data extraction, data washing and analysis.

Digging data – for informed decisions

Data Mining

OSINT Analytics delivers leading edge technology for data mining. The web is the world’s largest database, and if the information is there, we can find it. Data are published in many forms, we offer technology to work with API’s, web scraping, deep webcrawling, RSS/XML feeds, and documents such as Excel, Word or Pdf documents.

Data Analytics

Analytics helps us make informed decisions, instead of guessing. In order to achieve that we must first have the right data, second, the right analytics technique. We separate analytics in three categories:


We often work with classification of text, either to classify documents to a content category, or to decide similarity of text.

Special Semantics

Special semantics refers to various techniques enabling extraction of special elements in the text from a website. Examples of this includes the application deadline for a grant, wind speed and direction on a map, gps coordinates or similar.


Time series analysis and term frequency algorithms are two of the methods we apply to discover hidden patterns, correlations or other exiting insight in texts.

Our process

  • We start with a one day workshop where we evaluate the project scope, identify relevant data and suggest analytics.
  • Implementation is the second part of the project, search setup and implementing top of the line analytics.
  • Third and last part is the Operation and Evaluation, with always fresh data delivered where we monitor, maintain and deliver support.


From our technology, we have developed the product Tilskuddsportalen. This is a database with thousands of grants available for Norwegian charities, organisations and local councils to apply to. Read more about Tilskuddsportalen on www.tilskuddsportalen.no


Below are some of our projects where our OSINT Technology solves challenges.

Need: Update news feeds

Our solution

Many websites are designed to show instant news and other feeds, and a web editor is often busy and do not have the time to run these updates.

Our OSINT Technology automatically finds, collects and conveys relevant information to its readers, and updates the website as often as required.

Need: Collect and analyse relevant data

Our solution

Farmers in some Eastern European countries are not offered insurance because insurance companies lack data to calculate risk. Thus, they have difficulties developing and modernising their farms.

Our advanced data mining technology finds and collects relevant data about weather, disasters and crop production. This is automatically converted to consistent, structured data ready for risk analysis.

Need: Identify updates

Our solution

An e-publisher who indexes and passes on third-party documents are concerned if they are publishing the latest versions of the material to their customers.

Our artificial intelligence compares the contents of indexed versions to original documents. This identify all changes and also those documents that need to be updated.

Need: Business surveillance and intelligence

Our solution

An anti-corruption project struggles to follow the actions of suspects. Companies are frequently created and closed, assets are moved frequently between the companies and it is difficult to navigate via confusing straw companies.

OSINT Technology monitor public notifications of business records, and can notice significant trends within set markers. This helps investigators keep track of important changes, and also collecting relevant data and evidence.

Data! Data! Data! I can not make bricks without clay.


We can offer consultations to analyse your requirements for collecting information online, and create
bespoke solutions and quotes depending on the complexity of your needs.

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